Britus International School–Special Education Receives Autism Certification, Increasing Inclusivity In the Classroom

Britus International School–Special Education (BISSE) earns autism certification and becomes a Certified Autism Center™. The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) awards BISSE with this certification to validate the school’s commitment to providing better support, increasing educational opportunities and enhancing learning outcomes for autistic and sensory-sensitive students. To earn this credential, BISSE staff underwent an autism-specific training and certification process to equip staff with the necessary skills and resources to best accommodate the needs of their students.

“While teachers and special education professionals have the educational background, theory and experience of working with students with autism, it is important to keep up to date with current thinking, methods and perspectives to make sure we are giving each child the right support, strategies and opportunities,” says Jeanette Buckley, principal of BISSE. “BISSE chose IBCCES’s certification program, to spark conversation, to remind our specialists what we should be doing, and to push ourselves a little further. Our parents and students trust and expect us to be the professionals. This shows BISSE’s level of commitment to professionalism and best practices.”

Some of the accessibility measures BISSE offers include small class sizes–with two teachers in each classroom–lessons that are multi-sensory and arts-infused and a team of therapists who create individual education plans, goals and tracking for each student. The USA Core Curriculum Standards are adapted through an IEP, alongside adaptive functions development, an integrated therapy approach, life skills and vocational training. Students participate in small group therapy to focus on specific shared skill development: social skills, executive functions and fine/gross motor development. Celebrations and activities take into account the needs of the students and are adapted so each child can enjoy the moment. BISSE’s campus is designed to support its students with several inclusive features, including sensory, vocational and role-play rooms, an adaptive playground and creative arts studio.

“IBCCES is proud to certify Britus International School–Special Education as a Certified Autism Center™ and welcome them into our growing network of educational centers with this designation,” says Myron Pincomb, IBCCES board chairman. “This accomplishment represents their ongoing dedication to serving their students and community in a way that includes and welcomes everyone. We hope that this achievement will inspire other organizations to follow suit.”

For more than 20 years, IBCCES has been the industry leader in cognitive disorder training and certification for education, health care, and corporate professionals around the globe. IBCCES provides evidence-based training and certification programs created in conjunction with clinical experts and autistic individuals. They provide professionals with a better understanding of how to communicate and interact with individuals with cognitive differences or sensory needs, industry best practices, and the latest research in these areas.

IBCCES also created as a free online resource for parents that lists certified locations and professionals. Each organization listed on the site has met Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) requirements.

About Britus International School–Special Education:

BISSE has established itself as a premiere K-16+ school by providing full-time educational resources and support to students with a broad range of needs. The school offers a host of unique features, which makes it the most comprehensive and best-equipped of its kind in Bahrain. BISSE has a capacity of 400 students, making it the single largest school catering for only special needs students. Additionally, the school is located on a purpose-built educational campus that is well equipped for accommodating special needs students.

BISSE believes that all students are capable of learning and works to untap the potential in each child. The school prides itself on providing students with an education that is meaningful and relevant to their personal, social and academic aspirations. BISSE is a community of students, parents, educators and therapists committed to ensuring our students have access to the highest quality learning experiences and are able to function effectively. The school builds on their students’ strengths and abilities by balancing academics with functional, life and vocational skills to give students the knowledge, skills and understanding to succeed now and in the future. The students are known by name by all 54 members of staff, who are aware of strategies and supports needed to help each child. BISSE recognizes that their students deserve the same celebrations, enrichment, activities and opportunities that their peers enjoy in a mainstream school.



Committed to providing The Global Standard For Training and Certification in The Field of Cognitive Disorders – IBCCES provides a series of certifications that empower professionals to be leaders in their field and improve the outcomes for the individuals they serve. These programs are recognized around the world as the leading benchmark for training and certification in the areas of autism and other cognitive disorders.

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