Category: Police Department

Manteca Police Department

The Manteca Police Department is a law enforcement agency responsible for ensuring public safety and enforcing laws within the city of Manteca, California. The department..

Merced Police Department

Our VALUES To be a caring, compassionate, dedicated, professional, courageous, ethical and community-focused agency. Our MISSION To improve the quality of life for all citizens..

Modesto Police Department

The Modesto Police Department, located in the Central Valley of California, serves the community of Modesto with a population of approximately 218,000. We are dedicated..

Payson Police Department

The Payson Police Department serves the communities of Payson and Star Valley which are located in the Mountains of Arizona.  Serving a population of approximately..

City of Tempe

Tempe makes waves as a technology and business magnet, an inclusive, caring community and a hub for recreation and adventure. Tempe is home to Arizona..

Redmond Police Department

The Redmond Police Department ensures community safety through collaboration, compassion, and fairness. The City of Redmond is a thriving, culturally diverse community home to over..

Fayetteville Police Department

The Fayetteville Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency located in Fayetteville, North Carolina. As an internationally accredited organization, we serve a population of..

Mesa Police Department

The Mesa Police Department believes in partnering with our community to prevent and reduce crime and to ensure procedural justice by building trust, showing respect,..