Category: Speech & Hearing

Oman National Autism Center

The National Autism Center in Muscat, Oman, is a prominent institution dedicated to supporting individuals with autism. Their comprehensive approach includes offering behavior therapy, speech..

Venture Rehab Group

Venture provides speech and occupational therapy services throughout central and eastern NC.  Our services are available in the patient’s natural environment (schools, day care, Head..

Mary Washington Pediatric Therapy

Mary Washington Pediatric Therapy is dedicated to providing the highest quality speech and occupational therapy services to children. Our skilled clinicians are passionate about helping..

Jacksonville Speech and Hearing Center

JSHC offers screenings, evaluations, and treatment for a variety of areas, including Speech & Language, and Hearing & Audiology. We’re also proud of our community..

Patrick Speech and Language Centre

A Centre where individuals living with Autism and other related developmental disorders are given opportunities by identifying their needs and supporting their individual strengths using..