Frisky Business Palm Springs Cat Café

Frisky Business Palm Springs Cat Café

Nestled in the heart of Palm Springs, Frisky Business is more than just a cat cafe; it’s a vibrant community hub dedicated to fostering joy, inclusivity, and a deep love for feline friends. 

Founded by Claire Rogers and Sonny Von Cleveland, fervent advocates for animal welfare and community upliftment, Frisky Business serves as a sanctuary not only for cats but also for people from all walks of life.

At Frisky Business, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and serene environment where you can relax with our resident cats, who are all available for adoption. These cats are lovingly cared for in partnership with The Palm Springs Animal Shelter, ensuring they are healthy, happy, and ready to join a loving family.

Known for its delectable beverages and treats, our café stands as a beacon of community support by sourcing from local suppliers, thereby bolstering our local economy. One of our proudest initiatives is our “Pay It Forward Wall,” a heartwarming endeavor empowering patrons to pre-purchase items for those less fortunate. This initiative not only enriches our community but also embodies our unwavering dedication to kindness and generosity.

At the core of our mission lies inclusivity. Frisky Business is honored to receive recognition from the State of California Department of Rehabilitation as an EmployABILITY CHAMPION. Our dedication is unwavering in providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities, fostering a workplace environment that is both stable and fulfilling. We take pride in our recent achievements, having been awarded two Certificates of Congressional Recognition, as well as the California Legislative Assembly, for our significant contributions toward the empowerment and employment of individuals with disabilities

4781 E Palm Canyon Dr Ste F, Palm Springs, CA, California 92264, United States