Seeds of Hope Center

Seeds of Hope Center

Seeds of Hope (SoH) center is a private speech-language pathology (SLP) center that offers mainly speech-language evaluation and treatment for pediatrics and adults. It also offers other therapeutic services such as occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Seeds of Hope is dedicated to providing people with effective communication skills and safe swallowing within a comprehensive interdisciplinary team. We thrive to grow hope for a better tomorrow by empowering people’s communication. We aim to plant Seeds of Hope across the country and throughout the Middle East and help it grow into a powerful branching tree.

SoH practices its profession within an ethical and evidence-based framework, recognizes the highest quality standards and the importance of professional development, and embraces the latest research findings.

SoH is dedicated to providing high-quality individual and family-centered therapy for its patients. It aims to help its patients achieve their maximum potential and provide them with the best tools they need to improve their quality of life and achieve success in society. Simply put, SoH will learn all it can to teach all it can to all its patients so that they gain the crucial gifts of life.

Refaat Al-Mufti St.,
Amman 11192, Jordan