Certified Autism Resources

IBCCES has reviewed the following resources and has found that they meet one or more IBCCES Autism Competencies. Each autism resource below is linked to a company page where you can find additional information.

Autism FYI

Autism FYI Organization was created to help advance awareness of the needs surrounding Adults with Autism. The ability of emergency responders to recognize their need for special approaches and considerations is hampered by the lack of physical indicators of Autism. Visit Online 


ONEder was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Izak as Autismate, out of a need to develop a way to communicate with his non-verbal brother.  Today, over 25 people with decades of classroom experience work at ONEder, continuing to curate and grow Jonathan’s vision of maximizing easy-to-use technology to empower educators and provide individualized learning for students with disabilities.  Visit Online 

C8 Sciences

C8 Sciences combines computer and physical exercises to strengthen the brain’s systems for executive function. It improves attention, memory, and self-regulation, making it a powerful tool for students suffering from cognitive deficits. Visit Online 

CEU Outlet

CEU Outlet was founded in 1999, pioneering many of the first home-study course programs and online CEU standards used by regulatory boards. CEU Outlet focuses on mental health and medical professions, which are reviewed for compliance by IBCCES and state licensing boards. Visit Online 


FrontRow provides voice amplification systems that help teachers & students connect. By clarifying teachers’ voices in a classroom and ensuring their voices are heard no matter where students sit, FrontRow makes a significant impact on student attentiveness and achievement. Visit Online 


The InnerVoice App provides a voice for individuals who have autism or expressive communication challenges, and teaches them how to speak for themselves. Designed by SLP’s, the app harnesses the powerful therapeutic value of video self-modeling. Visit Online 

Purposeful Architecture

Purposeful Architecture provides individual-centered design solutions allowing for safe and engaging living-learning environments. It creates buildings that support individuals with special needs at the highest level of independence. Visit Online 

Snug Vest

The Snug Vest™ is an inflatable vest for providing Deep Pressure Therapy to relieve anxiety, as well as increase focus and attention. You can receive a $35 USD discount for each Snug Vest purchased using the code snugCASVisit Online 


Twiddles® are cozy, therapeutic aids that help those with autism to calm, engage and self-regulate. Providing comfort or activity as needed, Twiddles assist in organizing tactile, visual and auditory input, and are a safe and effective sensory resource at home, in therapy clinics, and in “safe spaces” at schools and other group settings. Visit Online 


Time4Learning is an online interactive curriculum for PreK – 12. It teaches and grades the lessons, all while tracking progress. Time4Learning combines the technology kids love with the education they need to make learning fun. Real life concepts are taught with engaging animation and video, bringing math and language arts to life. Visit Online

Waterford Early Learning

Waterford Early Learning is a personalized reading, math and science program. The award-winning curriculum and assessment software creates strong literacy foundations—levels pre-K through grade 2. Mastery-based sequencing, adaptive instruction, and remediation make Waterford’s program powerful for children with autism. Visit Online