College Bound AZ is now a Certified Autism Center™ in the First Autism Certified City, Mesa

College Bound AZ students

College Bound AZ, which serves as a bridge to high school seniors with special needs and their families, recently pursued the Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) designation to enhance their ability to assist students with autism or other sensory needs. The designation, granted by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), is awarded to organizations whose staff have received training and certification through IBCCES.

Carol Lain College Bound AZ“Our mission is to help the underrepresented student population achieve their dreams of college success and one of our values is inclusiveness. Students with autism are students who face unique challenges that can present insurmountable obstacles when trying to further their education and improve their lives,” said Carol Lain, President, College Bound AZ.  “A college education can open doors and help provide a more productive and fulfilling life for those with autism. It’s important to us that we help as many students as we can, especially those that may otherwise be excluded.  With this training we are better able to work with the autism population in a very positive and productive way and help equal the playing field of success.” 

College Bound AZ parents naturally have questions and concerns for their children, and College Bound AZ provides an initial orientation on the college programs designed to assist their student, connecting the family directly to the support program.  College tours and student workshops on the college’s support system assist in creating a sense of confidence for every student continuing their education. College Bound AZ kids

College Bound AZ joins over 60 organizations in and near Mesa, AZ, to become a Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) in an effort to create a truly accessible community. As part of an initiative toward inclusion for residents and visitors with autism and other sensory disorders, Visit Mesa gathered community support from city and local officials, private businesses, and other partners to achieve the IBCCES designation of the first-ever Autism Certified City by IBCCES.

For more than 20 years, IBCCES has been the industry leader in cognitive disorder training and certification for education, healthcare, and corporate professionals around the globe. IBCCES provides evidence-based training and certification programs created in conjunction with clinical experts and individuals with autism in order to provide professionals serving individuals with cognitive disorders a better understanding of what these disorders are, industry best practices, varied perspectives, and the latest research in these areas.

College Bond AZ kids at parade“IBCCES is excited to partner with organizations like College Bound AZ to help individuals with autism who are transitioning out of high school and into the workforce or pursuing higher-level learning opportunities. Supports for transition to adulthood for individuals on the spectrum is critical,” said Myron Pincomb, IBCCES Board Chairman.

IBCCES also created, as a free online resource for parents that lists certified locations and professionals. Each organization listed on the site has met Certified Autism Center™ (CAC) requirements.

About College Bound AZ
Founded in 2010, College Bound AZ provides guidance, mentoring, and support services to aspiring underrepresented students for their advancement to a better future through education. College Bound AZ is a not-for-profit college access and completion program for students in the East Valley in grades eight through 12 and in college serving more than 1,000 students through its junior high, high school and college programs. For more information visit

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