A Certified Autism Center (CAC) is a facility or organization in which at least 80% of their customer facing staff is highly trained, fully equipped and certified in the field of autism. A CAC can range in specific specialty areas such as educational facilities, healthcare, recreational etc. A CAC would primarily be a facility or organization that has a dedication to serving individuals with autism and are committed to ongoing training in autism. A CAC could be comprised of a varying number of CAS’s (Certified Autism Specialists) and those who have their AC (Autism Certificate).

The CAC eligibility requirements are:

  • Must be a facility that currently services individuals with autism.
  • 80% of customer facing staff has been certified in the field of autism which includes 14 CE hours in online training and an online autism competency exam

*There are specific requirements for employees to meet to receive their individual certifications.

  1. CAS (Certified Autism Specialist) requirements:
  • Must have Master’s degree and 2+ years of experience (OR Bachelor’s degree and 10+ years of experience)
  • 14 Continuing Education hours (online training included in program)
  • Pass the online competency exam

AC (Autism Certificate) requirements:

  • Currently employed in a setting that requires you to work or have contact with individuals with autism
  • 14 Continuing Education hours (online training included in program)

Pass the online competency exam

No. One of the many benefits in obtaining your certification through IBCCES is that the program is all online and self-paced. There will be no need to reschedule patients or classes to complete the program.

The course content is position specific and presented in a variety styles of learning (video recordings, text style, graphs etc.) This allows you to really be engaged and maintain interest in the coursework. The training is also easily incorporated immediately into your daily work due to the user-friendly format.

Upon approval your center will receive:

  • A framed certification for displaying in lobby
  • Certified Autism Center signage (2)
  • Press release for distribution to local and regional media outlets
  • Digital badge for display on website, email signatures, and media
  • Listing on registry as a Certified Autism Center
  • A digital copy of your certificate

Certification requirements vary widely by state and by district, so it’s best if you have a question about your location’s rules to submit our information to your administrators for approval prior to beginning the course.

IBCCES offers group discounts depending on the amount of staff in need of certification through your center.

You can review our full renewal policies here. Your renewal can be processed directly through your IBCCES online application. Your CAC renewal fee is $2,500 each year. Please contact us if you need additional details.

One of the numerous benefits of completing our program and receiving our certification is highlighting your company as a Certified Autism Center. IBCCES will work with your marketing team to distribute a press release with the announcement of your center’s new designation. You will also be listed in our international registry for when providers, prospective patients and other professionals search for centers and resources specializing and providing services for those with autism.