SOAR Special Needs

SOAR Special Needs

SOAR Special Needs has been transforming the lives of individuals and empowering families with special needs to SOAR in their local and faith communities, in both Kansas and Missouri. We assist individuals with disabilities of every race, ethnicity, gender, demographic and language so they can confidently overcome obstacles related to their disability.

Families with children of special needs face major challenges, and SOAR Special Needs seeks to guide and empower them with high-quality care, life-skills training and social and the emotional support needed to take next steps toward potential, while achieving greater independence as well.

Individuals with special needs are an important and vital part of our communities. Their families, their caregivers and their support teams strive for success, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing abundant resources for those individuals with disabilities.

SOAR has become successful in providing individuals with disabilities—both nationally and internationally—with the highest quality care and support.

12201 W 88th Street, Lenexa, Kansas, United States, 66215